When it comes to fabricating items from sheet metal, metal plate or structural steel, nobody does it better than Baldwin. We can help you turn your concept into reality, assisting you in developing your design and producing your prototype or one of a kind item. Baldwin Metals has production capabilities in most cases.

At Baldwin, we realize that the key to a good piece of equipment or system is not only how well it carries out its intended function, but how efficiently and economically it can be manufactured and maintained.

The sales and engineering teams at Baldwin Metals have many years of "hands on" practical experience with all types of equipment. We are happy to work with others, offering ideas or suggestions to help make the end product the best it can be. We also manufacture a line of mixing equipment such as Ribbon Blenders, Cookers and Tanks, ASME and non-code, under the Stricklin Company label. This equipment as well as our expertise in mixing and blending is available for incorporation in your projects. (Visit Stricklin Company link.) Because of our experience in the varied aspects of metal fabrication and machinery applications, we are able to provide "One Source" service for most customers. Whether your need is one piece of special formed or structural steel, or a complete production facility, it pays to contact Baldwin Metals first.

It is our wide range of design and engineering expertise, sophisticated equipment, and a sincere desire to help that enables us to offier a practical working solution to your design and manufacturing problems as only specialists can.

Baldwin Metals utilizes computer technology to provide you with the fastest, most economical source of fabricated items. Speciality fittings for process lines, unusual formed shapes as well as concentric and eccentric conical shapes or cylinders in sizes from 3" to 168" diameter in thickness of 24 gauge to 2" plate is possible. Baldwin Metals has equipment to fabricate most items in house.

Along with the capability to precisely shear gauge material (up to 10 gauge stainless) using our digital back gauge, we are also able to shear 1/4" x 120" carbon steel and 1/2" x 144" carbon steel on our larger shears. A digital gauge is also utilized on our 100 ton and 200 ton press brakes. Two larger presses are available for material up to 1 1/2" thickness. Our CNC burn machine can cut up to 6" thick carbon steel and 2" thick stainless steel using digital data ensuring more precise cutting than possible with older technologies. Other CNC equipment includes our Amada Pega 344 turrent punch and two Fadal CNC milling machines. Baldwin Metals has a complete machine shop equipped with manual milling machines and manual lathes. A large drill press, plate rolls with 5/8" x 120" capacity and pipe/angle/structural steel rolling equipment and production sawing completes the list of fabrication equipment. Our welding shop features TIG (Heli-arc) welding machines as well as MIG (Wire welding) machines and standard arc welding equipment. Hand held plasma cutting and flame cutting is also available. Many orders are processed using ASME Code welding procedures since Baldwin Metals is an ASME Code shop.
To achieve maximum efficienty in operation there must be proper installation. Our installation personnel are exposed to all aspects of the business, not just installation. This exposure gives them a thorough working knowledge of the equipment that ensures a professional installation whether it be for a single piece of equipment or a complete turn-key system.

Baldwin Metals/Stricklin Company has field service capabilities. We service and repair all mixing equipment manufactured by Stricklin Company and, in most cases, we can repair other brands of equipment as well. Usually able to respond the same day, we are the best choice for emergency repair of malfunctioning machinery as well as emergency on site welding. Baldwin works closely with local bearing, gear reducer and motor suppliers to provide the fastest possible repair to get your production back on line. On site fabrication of work platforms, supports, guards and other miscellaneous metal items is well within our area of expertise.

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