Industrial cookers are among our line of OEM industrial food processing equipment Baldwin Metals manufacturers on behalf of Stricklin Company. The outer shell is a tradition trough design which allows for excellent capacity, efficient mixing and even cooking throughout the entire batch. The exterior of the outer shell of the industrial cooker is comprised of the thermal steam jacket which delivers the cooking heat. Internally scrapers radiate from a single axle which traverses the length of the cooker and is driven by a gear motor specifically sized for the viscosity and volume of content. We manufacture industrial cookers in both carbon steel and stainless steel based on our clients application. All of our industrial cookers are custom built to our clients specifications charging/discharging system, capacity, engine power are unique to every model of Baldwin Metals industrial cookers.

Baldwin Metals Industrial CookerInside the industrial cooker's agitator features an assortment of scrapers which continually mix the content to ensure equal cooking throughout the entire batch.
Baldwin Metals industrial cookerThis industrial cooker feature a tilt bowl discharge system whereby the entire shell can be rotated on its side and the contents pour into a discharge hopper.
Baldwin Metals industrial cookerAll cookers manufactured for the Stricken Company are custom built with individually selected components including the drive motor built specifically for your application.
Baldwin Mmetals industrial cookerThis stainless steel cooker, built by Baldwin Metals for the Stricken Company is designed specifically for cooking applications in the food industry
Baldwin Metals industrial cookerThe thermal dimple steam jacket provides the heating element for our industrial cookers. In addition to manufacturing cookers, we also repair and build replacement thermal steam jackets for Stricken cookers as well as others.
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